Max supply: 1,000,000,000,000 tokens

50% of supply allocated to Liquidity Pool – See Liquidity Lock Txn

9.4% of supply allocated to the Long-Term Marketing wallet to ensure the future success of the project.

20% of the supply is currently held by The Secret Coin deployer wallet. This is to fund the future goals of the project as outlined in the v1 roadmap, including future Tier 1 and 2 exchange listings, and a NFT platform.

Buy Tax: 1.5%

– 0.2% of buy tax to be burned

– 0.5% of buy tax to be sent to Liquidity Pool

– 0.8% to be earmarked for short-term marketing and exchange listings.

Sell Tax: 4.9%

– 0.2% of sell tax to be burned.

– 1.4% of sell tax to be sent to Liquidity Pool.

– 3.3% to be earmarked for short-term marketing and exchange listings.

The Law of Attraction and the BURN Mechanism

The Secret Coin offers a unique blend of cryptocurrency and the law of attraction, celebrating the power of visualization and positive mindsets for self-improvement.

– With each buy or sell of the token, a small allocation of the token supply is burned.

– With each milestone achievement, as shown on the project roadmap, the project team will initiate further token burns.

Much like how envisioning your goals can bring them closer to reality, burning tokens can increase scarcity, potentially driving up the coin’s value through supply and demand dynamics.

In essence, The Secret Coin merges the world of cryptocurrency with the philosophy of positive thinking, inviting holders to see the connection between token burning and the potential for a more prosperous future.